Organisation of the VIP Convention of Schneider Electric’s: "From Ostend to Antarctica", presenting the first Zero Emission scientific research for the Princess Elisabeth Antarctica station.

For the VIP Convention of Schneider Electric’s: "From Ostend to Antarctica”, we had the privilege to organised the overall event which took place at Thermae Palace in Ostend.

We first launched an online campaign with a "Save the Date" email Invitation linked to a subscription website to confirm the presence of the guests. The website was designed according the graphic identity with various online videos to introduce the Schneider event.

We produced the videos by a method of storytelling documentary, it was indeed the best solution to present a scientific project, making the information easy to understand and professionnel. The solution, also gave to Schneider the possibility the keep a clear record of this big event.

Regarding the event itself we managed the entire graphic production from the banners, badges, maps, screen backgrounds and so forth.