ILV 2025

Visual campaign for European Commission. Industrial Landscape Vision (ILV) in 2025, is an extensive scientific study of recent forward looking mega-trends, up to the year 2025 in Europe.

To communicate the EU study, the Joint Research Centre (JRC) has chosen to have visual materials to convey the study online and offline.

We did begin the project by analysing extensively the ILV 2025 study of 100 pages to come up with visual concept to illustrate it attractively. We came up with various projects, leading to an holistic system concept having different layers with dynamic interactions and relationships. To symbolise the system we work around the ideas of Möbius strip and the vortex shapes.

The European Commission JRC team wanted something futurist to express the modernity and innovation from the study, to do so the final illustration was entirely design in 3D to give a cutting edge aspect. We also developed an online version which contains the overall information of the ILV 2025 study.